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  • 20th February 2017 1:47 am
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    Ancient traditions meet modern medical practices in Amber’s unique fusion of bodywork styles and medical theory derived from a variety of cultures. She graduated in 2014 with a Certificate in Massage Therapy & Asian Bodywork from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

    A cohesive blend of Chinese medical concepts (Energy Meridians & Points, 5 Element theory & their Correlations w/ Organ systems) and Ayurvedic Theory (Chakras, Doshas) provide a map for the best way to balance your constitution.

    These Eastern philosophies influence Amber’s holistic approach to healing the root instead of focusing on the branches. We balance internally which reflects externally in overall harmony and well-being.

    Her treatments, much like yoga, utilize conscious breathing which allows your body’s natural rhythm to bring you what you need. She combines bodywork techniques of Thai Massage, Zen-Touch (Shiatsu), and Tui Na along with Swedish/Deep tissue to provide a well-rounded massage experience.

    Cranio-sacral balancing is a technique that can help relieve issues that lie beyond our conscious control. Deep-seeded trauma and old patterns may be addressed and released with this gentle yet profound treatment. (847) 902-3868

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