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  • 19th February 2017 11:20 pm
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    Life Balance Holistic Wellness CoOp


    Michelle Terrell & Dr Melanie Icard featured here, are two members of a supportive alliance of like minded healing arts practitioners operating independently, but under one roof at the Floating Lotus Yoga Studio & Natural Healing Center in Mesa. 

    Through this alliance we can offer a wide range of holistic care including many styles of relaxation touch therapy, yoga classes, classic Swedish & hot stone massage, sports injury prevention/healing and medi-spa services all in a beautiful, non-clinical natural healing studio environment.

    We offer every aspect of wellness care in a non-clinical, calm, inspiring and exceptionally personal setting.

    ◊ Relaxation & Stress Management

    ◊ Master Level Still Point Therapy

    ◊ Hot Stone Enhanced Tension Meltdown

    ◊ Anti-Ageing Medi-Spa Treatments

    ◊ Yoga Classes and Personal Therapy

    ◊ Relationship Health & Healing

    ◊ Personal Development Programs

    ◊ Holistic Break Up Well Being Support

    ◊ Embodiment & Lifestyle Coaching

    ◊ Pain Management Emotional & Physical

    We each bring something different, but enhancing to the others work by thoughtful design.

    In this way, all our clients can receive the exact treatments and exceptional care everyone deserve.

    Michelle Terrell
    (1000+hour massage & holistic health credentialed) offering Love & Life Wellness Coaching & Holistic Bodywork specifically Still Point Therapy@
    cranial sacral neck/spine unwinding, emotional de-armoring therapy, break up and love renewal care and trauma recovery.

    Dr. Melanie Icrad Medi-Spa, Preventive Health Holistic Care & Anti-Aging Care with 3 clinic locations. 2 fully staffed clinics in Phoenix & Fountain Hills & doctor only satellite office in Mesa in collaboration with Life Balance Holistics.

    * ask for a referral for massage therapist to fit your specific care need and a link for a current schedule for yoga classes

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    Phone Number (480) 471-8987
    Country United States of America
    State/Province Arizona
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    Address 202 W Main St. Mesa, AZ 85201
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