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  • 20th February 2017 2:03 am
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    Vibes Up Sessions​

    Chakra Balancing- Grounding- Oneness blessing~ Go as deep as you are willing- There are no limits here.
    Miracles, Love, Clarity, Elightenment.

    I have an indoor space with a table in the Encinitas area. I also will Travel.

    50$ 30 Min
    100$ 1 Hour
    Add 30$ for travel

    Declutterer Extraordinaire​

    I believe in Clarity~
    I believe the more things you have that aren’t being regularly used or appreciated are blocking new healthy energy from your life.
    Sometimes all that’s wanted is a helping hand.

    I will also take care of Donations and Recyclables.
    We can go together to donate or recycle if you would like.

    100$ 1 Hour
    250$ 3 Hours
    Each additional Hour 50$

    Enlightenment Course

    I believe in making the most of every moment. We are given a short time on this earth.
    I believe every person we encounter is for our own growth.
    I have dedicated my life to myself and showing others (or gently reminding) new ways of living in each moment. You will be shown ways to increase your self Love. A very important key to your enlightenment.

    Living a fully alive life has been a path of mine for years. In our time together I will help you to remember who you truly are. I will lead you down a path of self discovery to your highest happiness.

    Our time together can take many forms- Go as deep as you are willing to go. You may undergo an entire life transformation as I have, or You may simply find a bit more joy in your everyday. It is all up to as it always has been- You will see <3
    The point of this is the Enlightenment of all.

    This is designed to help you declutter your life in all areas so you may uncover your truest self. I will help you to find your truest self so you can really live in all moments instead of just surviving, or getting by in this world.

    This is also offered online 🙂

    333$ A month 3 Month Minimum *Offered completely Online and over the phone*

    You may go at your own pace, but will be expected to complete your homework at minimum once per week. This includes 1 phone call a week for up to an hour.

    533$ A month 3 Month Minimum

    Includes the above as well as-
    1 Hour VibesUp Session.
    1 Hour of Decluttering in person.

    933$ A month

    1 Phone Call a week for up to an Hour.
    3 1 Hour VibesUp Sessions
    4 Hours of Decluttering your home or space of choice.

    Website Link newtechnews.co.uk
    Phone Number (619) 847-7507
    Country United States of America
    State/Province California
    distance: 5,813 Miles
    Address Encinitas, CA
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