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  • 6th October 2016 11:50 pm
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    very simple
    1. ) instant R.O.I.
    2.) NO inventory to do
    3.) NO one to steal from you
    4.) NO employees to deal with
    5.) Business has potential to pay for itself in the FIRST year
    6. Business has to potential to EASILY make 600k per year
    7.) Work only 3 days per week – – and only 6 hrs. per day and make 6 figures
    8.) Home based office so no big utilities / rent
    9.) NO royalties
    10.) NO franchise fees
    We have a utility patent that went public at the end of last year.
    SO don’t try this at home kiddies our attorneys will EAT you like SHARKS.
    This has been in the waiting and making for us for many, many, many years.
    If this is your type of business and you “see the light” without me having to cram it in your brain, then lets talk about business.
    We are looking for investors in certain territories.
    Turn key units also available (on your vehicles / fleet) and most territories start at 100k
    100 clients ads rotating. 100 clients paying $500 per month = 50k per month
    and so on….
    and so on……
    YES eBay gets their percentage NO MATTER WHAT……!!!!
    if you discovered our product HERE, then we will do business HERE…..!!!
    YES we will still meet person and conduct normal business, i just dont want to leave eBay out of the equation in any way.
    eBay has been a proud partner and i am happy to work for and with them.
    please feel free to contact us for direct discussion 1-614-290-3847…
    thanks, Carl

    Phone Number 1-614-290-3847
    Country United States of America
    State/Province West Virginia
    distance: 4,235 Miles
    Address West Virginia
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